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Romeo and Juliet

Posted by rafinhaviolino en octubre 28, 2009

Yeah… everybody knows the famous Shakespeare! And probably all knows the famous story of Romeo and Juliet. Dunno if you read the original book, or a simple version or saw the movie! Or may be someone told you… who knows? It is a classic!

But this story also inspired lots of composers to other forms of art. And of course here I will talk about music!

Wich of them do you prefer?

1st – The uncle Tchai. Oh yeah… who thinks “classical” composers are all genious? (The word classical is beetwen ” ” cause Tchaikovsky isn’t on truth classical – for who doesn’t know, cause who knows will probably think this comment is stupid!) He wrote 3 versions of same music. And on the first he told “After the concert we dined…. No one said a single word to me about the overture the whole evening. And yet I yearned so for appreciation and kindness.”

Second seemed to work a lil better. But not enough.  And just 10 years after the 1st version he finished the 3rd and final one.

It has 3 themes, 1st of “Frei Lourenço”, the 2nd represents the fight beetwen the families Capuleto and Montechio, and the 3rd, the Love Theme, that was really important (cof…cof…cof…) on history of games. It is used on The Sims, when they are going to give a kiss!

– So romantic –

2nd – Dire Straits (Ok… played by Mark Knopfler here, but it is really good also!). I can’t talk a lot about this. Just that I love the guitar on it and this part:

“I can’t do the talks, like they talk on the TV

And I can’t do a love song, like the way it’s meant to me

I can’t do everything, but I’ll do anything for you

I can’t do anything ‘cept be in love with you”

So… how about it?!

3rd – Ok Ok… Dire Straits told the story on the Romeo’s view. Now a pop girl to tell the Juliet one. Hahahaha It is far of my favorit one beetwen those 3 I showed here… but I can’t deny it has some nice points. Simple points, but that I have to tell. I like the kind of guitar they use, she does a simple but nice modulation at the end and of course, puts strings!

I prefer the music that sounds inside me when I am with you princesa

So prepare yourself… cause it will sound a lot loud, and for a long time


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  1. jayzeegp said

    Thanks 🙂
    And remember the secret thing ok?


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