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How to teach Music to a Programmer – I

Posted by rafinhaviolino en agosto 11, 2008

Music is not something that is closed to a group of people. Everybody can hear music, sing or dance. But the music had different meanings in the past and here I will try to explain a little of the little that I know.

The word “music” came of the “muse”. This is because the Ancient Greeks were used to see the music as a thing to find the beauty and truth. On that time they believed that the music was a gift from the gods, and that it could cure diseases and do miracles.

The music was learnt by all the society, and mathematics and music had same importance. But wasn’t just with numbers that the music had relation. Also with astronomy, sports…

They were used to think that a person should practice all. A man that just practices music would be pretty “female” while one that just practice sports would be rude.

But more than that they though that the kind of music you hear will transform your character. Because of it Plato forbids melodies that could show calm and a peaceful spirit to soldiers and the people who were being prepared to be chiefs of the State. Just the Dorian and Phrygian modes were used on those cases (representing courage and continence. That thing about “modes” I will explain better then!).

The name of that thinking is “Doctrine of Ethos”.

It’s a little complicated show how music was important on Ancient Greece, we don’t have examples of how the Greek music sounds. But for it you just need to read the Greek philosophers and will be able to see how everything had importance on that society.

But just to give an example of that importance I let here a saying by Plato:

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”


2 comentarios to “How to teach Music to a Programmer – I”

  1. ferk said

    Wohhh new section! xD
    “Muse” …”Music”.. awesome.

    I wonder… how was the first time a human discovered music. Maybe in prehistory the men first tried to imitate the sound of the birds, and the music in the sound of the nature.

    Or maybe there was not a real “discovery” maybe we already have known about music when we were animals. After all, nature was full of sounds, and animals also love music. Maybe the thing that we discovered being humans was the creativity.. to create. Wings to the mind 😛 Plato was probably right.

  2. jayzeegp said

    Yeah, so interesting =)
    Hoping a new post!!!


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