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Xaxim Interview

Posted by jayzeegp en julio 29, 2008

Thanks to Rafinha for the translation. English is not her real language so sorry if it has mistakes.

It’s a interview made for Xaxim. “Lider do trafico de drogas do morro do dende”
It shows a lil of the point of view from the “professionals of trafic”.
It was made when brazilian atoridades was doing a popular votation, to have several punishments against the ilegal guns.

Xaxim says that all on his “morro” will vote for it becomes true.

“The thing is that we should vote Yes. We want to improve our conditions. We give medicines for who needs, and silicon for girls who wants to put on breasts, also odontology assistence for who needs. But for it they need to be with us on that. So I asked here to the guys, asked no, I gave them the order, and everybody here will vote Yes.”

But do you believe on it? Why do you vote Yes?

“People think that the violence is just bad for the one who is in his home (talking about high society) or for the one who has a work. We who are traficants, we suffer a lot with it too. People think that we are traficant just to kill the others. We dont go out thinking about kill anyone. Or do you think that when we wake up we think ‘Today we will kill 15’. It doesnt work as it. When we have a fight, dies somes on a side, others on the other side. Sometimes ‘falls’ the polices… But no one thinks bad when the police comes here and just kill some of us, or does? We suffer a lot with the violence too. (…) I want that the comercio of guns stop! (…) Because when I go to steal a house I dont want no one to come with a gun in my face.”

So do you want it to be easier for you?

“The thing is that we are the ones who suffers the most with the violence in our city. Do you think that traficants doesnt study? Doesnt read newspaper? And we see people losing their life all the time? For what? If I go to work and see someone with a gun for my side… I wont like it! I want to go and get my things without need to die. I dont want to earn money seling guns. Im a traficant, but I take my life as an honest person. My kids are on school, and in peace…”

But dont you go and steal things?

“But we do it with our ‘etic’. With our honestidade. We steal beacuse we need. We want go and take the things without violence. It’s a WORK as another one. (…) Who needs to have guns is police and traficants.”

“People dont see that the life of a traficant is also a life. The movie, Cidade de Deus, a good movie… shows that people are there (on favelas) having fun. People think that the ones from “morro” are traficantes. But no. We listen our music, we eat our meat (churrasco), we are there having fun. We dont wanna kill anyone.”

So do you think that the movie really shows the reality?

“So so… or do you think that we just have gorgeous girls here? Hahahaha. The life for who is on trafic is easier here. The thing is that we work with drugs since we are child. And when you start to work with it, and you do it well is easier to get something on life and may be become a “gerente”. Its my JOB. And unfortunatelly I wont have a pension on the end of my life. So I need to work since now. (He is 23 yo) We dont have a real school to teach us how to do those things… Its just how life works. Essa é a escola da vida. Here on Rio, we have partners, on Complexo do Alemão (conjunto of morros), we are not enimies. We dont wanna kill anyone. Or do you think that just because we are traficants we want to kill everybody? It doesnt work as it.”
“What people cant understand is that we kill but the violence wont rise with it. The violence will rise when a father punchs his wife and his kids. Its violence for me. But when Im working and I see a guy from other favela, its normal. Its concorrencia. Its ossos do oficio, acidente de trabalho. Im a humild guy… did just a part of school. But now cause of my work my 2 kids can be at school studying.”

So who doesnt vote as you want, will die on your favela?

“We already gave that order here. If you come here you will see the advises to vote yes. And we dont need to kill anyone to make them vote yes. Its “Yes for the life”. People say on news paper that we are terrorists. But here, works as a family. Its a “ideologia”. (…)
What I tell you is that people here also think about future. We suffer with violence. My dream is that we could have peace beetwen the Terceiro Comando (police) and Comando Vermelho (traficants). We just wanna work and get what we need to live”

Best part:
Xaxim asks “Where are you from, Brasilia?”
Reporter: “Yes”
“Hehehe! You have more bad guys than here! Or do you think that i dunno about the mensalão (exacandalo sobre o desvio de dinheiro público brasileiro, para beneficio de políticos). Take care to dont lose your wallet!”


Una respuesta to “Xaxim Interview”

  1. ferk said

    heh… well.. that’s a clever man. Seeking for peace.. and for money ^^U … but I still think that there are many of them who search more for money than peace…

    However, sometimes the dangerous ones are even the less expected, rich boys.. people who have all in life and yet throw it all for no reason.

    I remember.. 2 years ago, a young man killed an old woman near the train station, here in Cordoba. It was just a guy who was drunk and wanted to steal the candy store where the woman worked… there was just a few euros… very few money.. it was a sad story… the guy even used to hit his girlfriend…


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